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R for Sociology

Here you can find the schedule and the contents of the R for Sociology meetings.

We’ll work through the book R for Data Science by Grolemund and Hadwick (2017). The book is freely available: http://r4ds.had.co.nz/ (for a pdf version click here). For solutions to the assignments, click here.


We’ll always be in computer room Hv.0307.

Date Day Chapters In charge
March 20 Tuesday 1-2 a Gert
March 27 Tuesday 3-4 b Robert
April 3 Tuesday 5-6 Robert
April 10 Tuesday 7-10 Gert
April 17 Tuesday 11-12 Robert
April 25 Wednesday 13 & 16 c Gert/Dieko
May 1 Tuesday 14-15 d Robert
May 8 Tuesday 17 - 19 e Gert
May 16 Wednesday 20 - 21 f Robert
May 23 Wednesday NO CLASS
May 30 Wednesday 22 - 25 Gert
June 5 Tuesday 26 - 30
June 12 Tuesday TBA
June 19 Tuesday TBA
June 26 Tuesday TBA
July 3 Tuesday TBA
July 10 Tuesday TBA
July 17 Tuesday TBA
July 24 Tuesday TBA
July 31 Tuesday TBA

a This page may be helpful for loading in data.

b This page may be helpful if you want to know more about visualising.

c Solutions for the Feliciani-problem can be found here.

d Some additional materials can be found here.

e Some additional materials can be found here.

f Some additional materials can be found here.

The people mentioned in the above table are: Gert, Robert Krause, and Dieko Bakker.