Visualisation in research


Visualisation is key in any project involving datapoints. Yet the reader is not ‘showered in graphical displays’ [Anscombe, 1973]. I am an active promotor of the use of visualisation, and try to help people make graphs in several ways: i) by making the graphs for them; ii) by giving visualisation-workshops in R; iii) by creating R-packages that facilitate the use of graphs.


March 21, 2018

Visualisation is perhaps the easiest way to get good insights into the data at hand; whether for yourself or for the scrutinty of others. Disappointingly, most graphs in scientific papers do not attempt to show the (raw) data, but instead show some summary measures (e.g., a bar plot of means). This hinders the scientific process. I hope to increase visualisation literacy, by:

Here is a small portfolio of graphs that I have used in my research: