New movie about research group

Recently, the Department of Sociology at Groningen celebrated its 80-year existence. Six videos were made as part of this celebration, showing the diversity of research at our Department. This video was made for the Families Lifecourse and Ageing Group, which I am coordinating:

Creating interactive graphs: an example with twitter data

I recently had to make an interactive visualisation of some twitter-data. Here I’ll explain how I went about it. rtweet Getting twitter data is reasonably easy once you have the rtweet package going, although there are certainly some steps that you have to go through to set-up this package (with respect to the API authorization). You can read about these steps here. We’ll also use the tidyverse-package (as always, I will rely heavily on ggplot that is within the tidyverse).

New Scientist Wetenschapstalent

I am fortunate enough to have been nominated for the New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2018. The ‘winner’ will be determined by a committee and by popular vote (how scientific!). You can vote here if you think my research is good, or if you think I am not half-bad as a researcher.

For a quick Dutch video of my research, see:

Testing theory in R

Testing whether we have to draw e numbers from uniform distribution for the sum of numbers to be bigger than one

Different ways of calculating rowmeans on selected variables in a tidyverse framework

Post on different ways of calculating rowmeans on selected variables in a tidyverse framework

Turning to blogdown and keeping beautiful-jekyll, then turning to hugo-academic

First post on new website addressing the awesomeness of hugo-academic and Alison Presmanes Hill

R-Ladies presentation ninja

A guide to using the R-Ladies xaringan slide theme

Up and running with blogdown

A guide to getting up and running with blogdown, GitHub, and Netlify