Visualisation is perhaps the easiest way to get good insights into the data at hand; whether for yourself or for the scrutinty of others. Disappointingly, most graphs in scientific papers do not attempt to show the (raw) data, but instead some summary measures (e.g., a bar plot of means). This hinders the scientific process.

R may be most useful for creating good visualistations, but it can be daunting to use, particularly at the beginning. This is why I have made an R--package ggplotgui that let’s you create graphs using a Graphical User Interface. The important bit is that it also provides you with the code for generating the graph in R thereby hopefully facilitating the transition to R. You can also use it online without having to install R. For further information, please go here.

To see the ggplotgui in action without using R click here or see the screen below: