FLAG stands for Family Lifecourse and Ageing and is a research cluster within the Department of Sociology at the University of Groningen.

Here you can find the schedule (past, present, future) and the contents of the FLAG meetings.

Schedule 2021

Date Room Time What
March 16, 2021 Online 12-13.30 Newsround
February 23, 2021 Online 12-13.30 Lara Bister–** & Gert Stulp–Maternity leave lengths, selection and maternal health in Germany
February 2, 2021 Online 12-13.30 Gert Stulp–Simulating the evolution of height in the Netherlands in recent history
January 12, 2021 Online 12-13.30 News and new year’s resolutions

Schedule 2020

Date Room Time What
December 15, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Rui Lu–Understanding the heterogeneity of fertility preferences in China & Amke van Tintelen–Certainty of fertility preferences among Dutch women
December 1, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Amber Dings–ideas on PhD-project & Rowan ten Kate–Researcher positionality and relying on others in the fieldwork: A reflexive note on studying older migrants
November 10, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Hilde Bras–Contexts of Reproduction. Gender Dynamics and Unintended Pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa
October 20, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Vera Buijs–Interdependencies among family and friends in daily life: Personality differences and associations with affective well-being across the lifespan
September 29, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Newsround
September 15, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Newsround and plans for academic year
July 6, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Gert Stulp–Understanding fertility outcomes by quantifying the (un)predictable
June 23, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Rowan ten Kate–Being the “outsider”: A reflection on methodological and ethical issues in studying older migrants
June 2, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Vera Buijs–Interdependencies among family and friends in daily life: Personality differences and associations with affective well-being across the lifespan
May 12, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Roberta Rutigliano–Time, Money, and Parenthood in The United States: How (Grand-)Parent to Adult Children Transfers Shape the Transition to Parenthood
April 21, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Newsround
March 10, 2020 Online 12-13.30 Basak Bilecen–Simultaneous carework across borders: Kyrgyz migrant women caring for the elderly in Turkey and their families back at home
January 7, 2020 GR19.109 12-13.30 News and new year’s resolutions

Schedule 2019

Date Room Time What
December 2, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Vera de Bel–Separated parents, separated family networks? Substitution of family ties in family networks of divorced and non-divorced families
November 11, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Francesca Zanasi–Carers and Careers. Grandparental care investment and its labour market consequences in Europe
October 10, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Vera Buijs–Social Needs and Happiness: A Life Course Perspective & Rowan ten Kate–A closer look at loneliness: Why do first-generation migrants feel more lonely than their native Dutch counterparts?
July 2, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Vera Buijs–Friends, Family, and Happiness among Dutch women & Damiano Uccheddu–presentation about his third paper
June 11, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Vera de Bel–Collecting multi-actor family network data
May 21, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Cancelled due to ilness
April 23, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Marieke Haan–A qualitative study to understand patient perspective on the use of artificial intelligence in radiology
April 2, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Rowan ten Kate–Explaining loneliness among older migrants : When do social contacts not protect against loneliness?
March 12, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Gert Stulp–Collecting personal networks
February 19, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Verena Seibel–Financial support for asylum seekers in Germany: Determining perceived deservingness using a Survey Experiment
January 15, 2019 GR19.109 12-13.30 Intro

Schedule 2017 - 2018

Date Room Time What
December 18, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Marieke Haan–Mixed device surveys: Exploring automated navigation in online questionnaires; Roberta Rutigliano–Overview of my research
December 4, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Basak Bilecen–How supportive are students’ personal ties? A comparative study in Germany and in the US / Rowan ten Kate–Discussing PhD ideas
November 15, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Vera Buijs–Practice talk for VNOP-CAS research days. Also: NIDI-“colloquium” at 15.30!
October 30, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Renske Verweij–Determinants of childlessness in American men
October 16, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Gert Stulp–Social influences on reproductive decision-making
September 18, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Introductory meeting
June 19, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.00 Discuss papers from Vera Buijs and Renske Verweij
May 29, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Practice EPC talks (Damiano Uccheddu, Christoph Beim, Rae Li)
May 8, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Overview Vera de Bel’s reserach stay in Lausanne
April 17, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.00 Discuss commentary Gert Stulp
March 27, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Rae Li–Fertility desires in China
March 13, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.00 Anne Gauthier & Judith Koops–The measurement and covariates of intensive parenting: results from a cross-national pilot
February 6, 2018 GR19.109 12-13.30 Current statistical controversies in sociology (presentations by Damiano Uccheddu & Christoph Beim)
January 16, 2018 GR19.105 12-13.30 Discussion paper Christoph Beim–The impact of religiosity and gender equality on the realization of fertility intentions
December 12, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.30 Practice talk Form Day (Vera Buijs); discussing VENI-abstract (Gerine Lodder)
November 21, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.30 Renske Verweij–Genetics of childlessness
October 24, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.30 Martine Goedendorp–Self-management for well-being intervention for informal network
October 12, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.30 Danielle Jansen–The sociology of birth
September 12, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.30 Getting to know the new members
June 20, 2017 M.0070 13-14.00 Discussing Rae Li’s future project
May 23, 2017 M.0070 13-14.00 Discussing Gert Stulp’s questionnaire
April 25, 2017 H.0222 12-13.00 Discussing Vera de Bel’s questionnaire; Gert Stulp presents on the importance of visualisations in research
March 28, 2017 H.0222 12-13.00 Martine Goedendorp presents about her research
March 9, 2017 GR19.109 14-15.30 Christoph Bein–The link between religiosity and fertility
February 16, 2017 GR19.105 12-13.00 Discussing Renske Verweij’s paper Education, occupation and childlessness: How do fertility desires play a role?
December 15, 2016 GR19.105 14-15.30 Discussion of Vera de Bel’s paper–Multi-generational relationships after parental divorce; discussing Gert Stulp’s GENSI-questionnaire
December 1, 2016 GR19.105 14-15.30 Nadia Akkerman–Social network diversity, well-being and health
November 17, 2016 GR19.105 14-15.30 Discussing Gert Stulp’s GENSI-questionnaire
October 20, 2016 B.0126 14-15.30 The start of FLAG! Discussion of Vera de Bel’s poster–Multi-generational relationships after parental divorce