The Families, Life-course, and Ageing Group

Our schedule for the upcoming FLAG-meetings:
DATETime LocationTopic 
Wednesday,    October 512.30 - 14.00 GR19.0105 Introduction group-members // Poster-presentation by Vera de Bel: Multi-generational relationships after parental divorce 
Thursday,       October 2014.00 - 15.30  B.0126 Anne Gauthier will present on the RuG-NIDI link, the GGP-survey, and her research
Thursday,       November 1714.00 - 15.30  GR19.0105 Gert Stulp will present his questionnaire and some decisions that need to be faced.
Thursday,       December 114.00 - 15.30  GR19.0105 
Thursday,       December 1514.00 - 15.30  GR19.0105